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I absolutely love cottage style gardens and there are none so beautiful as English cottage gardens.

In the past, my efforts to create that same beauty here in south Mississippi have only resulted in frustration and failure.


Delphinium and lavender, along with so many other traditional cottage garden plants, simply cannot tolerate the heat and humidity here.

Over the years I have learned that gardening is so much easier when you work with nature and not try to force something to grow in an incompatible environment.  There are many plants better adapted to my area which add the same cottage style charm I’m looking for, and are almost maintenance free once established.


They don’t struggle and barely survive, they thrive, which is what all gardeners love to see.

 One of the most beautiful and reliable of these plants is Camellia sasanqua…


it comes in a variety of colors and the pink ones which I have in my garden bloom from early fall until mid January.


Not only is this plant lovely, it also attracts many pollinators, and is a favorite of butterflies.


After blooming, the evergreen foliage continues to add a bit of color and life to the garden in winter.


Sasanqua camellia…beautiful, pollinator friendly, and practically maintenance free…a perfect addition to the southern cottage garden.

You can read more about it here.