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Even though summer is officially over a month away, the high temps and humidity here let us know that our summer has arrived.

The lovely Easter lilies are on their last bloom,


and there have been sweet little bird nests built in surprising places.


I had placed this colander over a tray of Amaryllis bulbs while working in the garden one day. The day before Easter I stepped outside and saw the lovely red blooms and lifted the colander to find this…

a very well constructed nest built by a hard-working wren couple, full of eggs with one baby already hatched!

The bluebirds have been busy, as well,

 building nests and taking care of their young.  I’m always impressed by the hard-working little birds and how well they work together to take care of their families.

I was surprised by this little one trying to hide under my husband’s lawnmower.

There are more Gulf fritillary butterflies arriving each day, and they love the lantana in the garden…

100_3106 monarch with heart song

as do the swallowtails.

The last of the mixed lettuces has bolted,

and the cherry tomatoes are producing.


Fat pomegranate buds are bursting with promise once again…

though we’ve yet to see any fruit!


Our sultry Mississippi mornings are now heavily scented with the fragrance of magnolia


and mimosa.

The last of the huckleberries have been harvested and stored in the freezer,

and the last of the carrots were eagerly pulled and eaten by the grandchildren.

They are still fascinated by the fact that carrots actually grow in the ground.  How sad it is that many children are never taught how to garden or to even appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature.


This year, I have planted a squash variety which is native to Mexico, “Tatume”, as it is supposed to be more resistant to wicked garden pests.  I’ve harvested two of the squash already and they are sweet and delicious, so I hope they will be able to thrive in the adverse conditions here.


Not only do we live in the deep South, but we are very near an extremely large swamp which is a wildlife refuge area.  Apparently, part of that wildlife is every garden pest known to man…and they love my garden!


The lovely cosmos, which is one of my favorite cottage style flowers,

and the golden roses are a delight to behold!


There is a freshly picked tiny harvest for dinner tonight.

The green squash is the “Tatume” and the two yellow squash are from a volunteer plant.


It was such a pleasant surprise to discover this summer squash plant thriving and producing.  I’m still harvesting a bit of kale, but the heat and bugs have just about destroyed it.

And, last, but certainly not least, my “Abraham Darby” rose is coming into its full glory…

This rose is not only beautiful but very fragrant!  It reminds me of the old-fashioned roses that my granny and mother grew when I was a child.